CBCP forms IT Council

MANILA, MAY 12 – The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has formed an IT (Information Technology) Council to support and assist in the planning of its initiatives in the field of information technology.

The IT Council was conceived as a response to the need for a consultative body to advise the Conference on matters of information technology and to proactively plan IT initiatives for the Philippines Church.  It also aims to maximize and network the IT resources and initiatives of Church institutions for purposes of evangelization. This especially in view of the recent launching by the CBCP of CBCP World, a broadband internet service corporation.

The Council aims to function as a think-tank for the Conference, providing the necessary inputs and data and resource base to aid in crafting over-all policy, and determining direction, thrusts and priorities in the Church’s IT programs and initiatives.  It will be composed of representatives from schools and religious congregations already involved in information technology, and thus have the necessary background, experience and expertise in program-planning and project-development.

During its initial meeting and brainstorming session, held at the CBCP office last May 11, the Council members expressed in particular the need to come up with an integral program for evangelization, harnessing the potential of internet technology. They underscored the imperative to focus on maximizing the opportunities provided by the already-existing infrastructure resources in pursuit of this mission, especially as regards the content. They likewise stressed the need to establish interconnectivity and fruitful interaction among all the different communities and groups in the Church already involved in information technology.