With its existing infrastructure, content and engineering capability, CBCPWorld offers the following services:

1. Broadband applications
2. IT Consultancy
3. Systems Integration for the following platforms:

§ Wide Area Network (WAN)
§ Local Area Network (LAN)
§ VPN (Virtual Private Network)

4. Wireless Technology implementation/application

§ Point to point
§ Multipoint to multipoint

5. Audio/Video Streaming/webcasting

streaming_media_diagramPresently, CBCPWorld devotes its services primarily to Schools, Dioceses and Religious Congregations. In the near future it is envisioned that these institutions will be the one to service their own local networks or communities.

Out of the revenues derived from its services, CBCPWorld will retain in the diocese a percentage with the end in view of establishing a “Diocesan IT Development Fund” in every ecclesiastical jurisdiction (Archdiocese, Diocese, Vicariate, Prelature) in the country—with the permission of local bishop. In time, this fund will enable the diocese to acquire the necessary infrastructure/hardware and thereby help realize the objectives of CBCPWorld.

webcast_highed-orr_475x300Evangelization being its foremost objective, CBCPWorld gives much emphasis to content development. It continues to create wholesome web sites—and even a catholic portal, in the near future. With its data warehousing capability, it will also host web sites of schools and related institutions.

While CBCPWorld is primarily deals with broadband applications, it has also negotiated with partners in order to bring down the cost of branded hardware and licensed software. Schools and church groups can avail of soft payment plans.

For now it’s it all there is to offer. But if we work together and strengthen the Catholic network, then there will be much to offer. Together, we can bring down high costs, pull up speedy connections, and gather in more efforts for evangelization.