BCPWorld has gathered rather extensively both human and technical resources in order to establish an infrastructure that will equally match the tall order of its vision and objectives.

The Content

It is progressively developing content in the areas of catechism, education, social advocacy, health care and services, technology transfer, and emergency response mechanisms, among others. All the content passing through its virtual gateway are safeguarded from pornography, violence, gambling and other destructive sites. Recently, an IT Council has been established in order to beef up content development and the wide spectrum of its application.

VSAT and LinkStar

wp9a372111_05_061On a point-to-multipoint environment, CBCPWorld operates on a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals) system with a LinkStar that makes possible a cost-effective networking of either low-rate services or bandwidth-intensive applications. On a DVB-based (Digital Video Broadcasting) platform, CBCPWorld is enabled to build standards-based networks for IP data, Internet access, video streaming, telemedicine, voice over IP (Internet Protocol) , or distance learning.

Using the LinkStar broadband VSAT system easily brings out the following advantages:

  1. Very high return channel rate,
  2. Rate-based operation that increases data throughput,
  3. Guaranteed information rates for each network location,
  4. Lower-cost terminals due to fewer hardware components,
  5. DVB standards for compatibility of platforms.

Wireless Last Mile Solution

CBCPWorld is catching up with the “gold rush” of “wireless fidelity”, simply called Wi-Fi. On a multipoint-to-multipoint configuration, those that it will serve will no longer be burdened with the hard-to-get telephone connections and leased lines. At the end of the day, all that CBCPWorld need to accomplish is to make a world of difference.